File:Minecraft - The Endermen - Gameplay


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An endermen is basically the worst mob you can IMAGINE. Endermen can teleport anywhere they want. Their weakness is water so to kill them, lure them into the water somehow. Be careful. Never ever EVER look at the endermen in the eyes they get mad and they make a weird noise. You can tell they are mad because their mouth will open up and they will chase after you. Translation: You are guarunteed to die immediatly.Enderman will never notice you if you hit them on the legs. If you build an enderman shelter (that is any structure that has only a two block headroom) enderman cannot hit you.


Endermen also known as slender, can live in the day time but are mostly found at night carrying a dirt block a lot .To recognize Endermen, they are two times the size that a reqular minecraft guy is. The creatures have two long legs and feet. The endermen are all black and have purple eyes. Enderman were added into Minecraft in Beta 1.8pre.